The Facts about Dewalt Sanders


DeWalt, a subsidiary of Black & Decker Corporation primarily produces woodworking power tools for construction and industrial application.  However it is not uncommon to find DeWalt power tools in households because of its durability versatility and reasonable price. The goal of this article is to discuss the different makes and models. There are generally three types of DeWalt sanders available

Belt Sanders: A belt sander is a mechanized apparatus to sand down wood, marble, granite and other materials for finishing. A belt sander usually consists of an electric powered motor attached to two or three rotating drums and a seamless belt or sandpaper receptacle to produce an endless loop of sanding operation when operated. DeWalt sanders have improved on this basic concept and come up with variable speed belt sanders in order to control abrasive action with variable speeds to provide rough, medium to light abrasive force. One of the better known DeWalt sanders is the DW433K-R which not only allows for variable speed for rough sanding, stain preparation or fine finishing. This model also provides a better center of gravity, dust collection technology and dual front handling for better positioning.

Random Orbit Sanders: Otherwise known as dual action or DA sander this power tool provides dual rotation of the disk and head. This is produced by the simultaneous spinning of the disk and/or sander in circular and elliptical rotations. The reason for the popularity is the fact that it can both be aggressive and fine depending on the settings and it is virtually swirl mark free, perfect for sanding right angles. Those considering buying a random orbit sander may want to consider D26453 Random Orbit Sanders. This is probably the most versatile of all DeWalt sanders, it is only 5 inches and uses a 3 amp variable speed motor that produces 7000 to 12000 revolutions per minute (RPM). This means that it is compact enough to be used for right angles but sizable enough for sanding the face of a particular woodworking project in the absence of bigger sander makes. Not to mention the fact that DeWalt sanders are made of a very tough hard-shell case guaranteed by a 3 year warranty.
Palm Grip Sander: provide ease of use for tough sanding jobs as well as easier handling to minimize fatigue and increase the productivity of an individual. Palm Grip sanders fill the gap between the bigger belt sanders and the smaller random orbit sanders. Those considering buying a palm grip sander may want to look into heavy-Duty ¼ Sheet Palm Grip DeWalt Sanders that is extremely durable and adequately powerful for long hours and tough to reach areas that even the five inch rotating orbit sander cannot reach.

In closing, all DeWalt sanders were made to be versatile enough to be multipurpose. However, before buying any DeWalt sanders it is very important to know what it will be used primarily for and buy the model that best suits that requirement.

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