Hiking in Dorset


If you want to increase the adventure quotient of your holidays in Dorset, you can try hiking. Often called a hiker’s paradise, Dorset is home to hundreds of different walks that attract even travellers who have come for their Torquay holidays. If you love climbing hills and also have a penchant for fantastic scenery, you may try the coastal path of Dorset that travels along the entire coastal area and can offer you breathtaking scenic views to enjoy. Some of the seaside towns of Dorset also have paved promenades where you can simply take a stroll in between your hiking activities. No wonder that vacationers planning Torquay holidays or holidays in Dorset make sure to keep some time for hiking in their itinerary. If you too belong to this group, here are some facts about a few hiking destinations in Dorset.


If you have booked your accommodation close to Portland during your holidays in Dorset, you can enjoy hiking at the place. People enjoying their Torquay holidays can drive to Portland and go up to the Portland Plateau to begin their hiking activities. The scenic view down along Chesil from this position is truly wonderful and worth a trip alone. Vacationers who love hiking rarely miss this area. From the Portland Plateau, you can head towards the two old gunnery emplacements, which date back to the world war, and are situated near the east coast of Portland. From there, simply follow the path around the island’s edge. Try to go a little slower as that would give you the chance to appreciate the surrounding scenery of this place.

Hiking enthusiasts can also travel the path along the island’s steep west side but they need to be careful as it’s usually pretty windy there. This side of the trek is shorter as compared to the other hiking trails of Portland. What’s more, you can also explore the old limestone quarries while returning from here. So, whether you are enjoying holidays in Dorset or have come here on a short break during your Torquay holidays, don’t forget to visit these quarries and enjoy some interesting art works carved on the Cliffside and the old boulders there.

Charmouth and Lyme Regis

The coastal path of Dorset runs directly through Charmouth, which is a village. From there, you can walk towards Lyme Regis in the west or Golden Cap in the east. The path has quite a few places where you can park and begin your hike. If you want to begin your hike early from Charmouth itself, try using the small car park located at the Charmouth Beach. However, this parking place remains choc-a-block during the summer months but allows easy access at other times of the year. During your holidays in Dorset, you can park here and take a short walk along the cliff tops into Lyme Regis. Vacationers who come to Charmouth during their Torquay holidays can also walk towards Burton Bradstock in the east or go as far as the West Bay.

These and some other hiking trails in Dorset are sure to give you an enthralling time.

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