Vermont Vacation: Day 1 – Weston

For many years I have had one thing that kept repeating over and over on my Life’s Big To-Do List: Visit New England in the Fall. Finally last year, when I was 6 months pregnant, I actually got to mark that accomplishment off of my list. On October 2nd, 2007 my mom and I embarked on our once-in-a-lifetime leaf peeping adventure, flying to Hartford, Connecticut and driving through Massachusetts and into Vermont where we had reservations for the week. If you ever plan to visit Vermont in October, prepare in advance. Reservations are few and far between that time of year.


We stayed in Weston for three nights, White River Junction for 1 night and Waitsfield in the Mad River Valley for 2 nights. Vermont is not a very big place, so you can see by the stars on my little postcard here the main places that we hit up, which is basically the entire state.


New England is absolutely amazing. Everything is quaint, even the size of the states themselves. All of them are tee-tiny. In the time it would take us Alabamians to drive from Montgomery to Huntsville we had already driven across three New England states. It was like, “Hey, look, we’re in Massachusetts!” Then about forty five minutes later…. “Hey, look, we’re in Vermont!” Back home on I-65 we would have just barely been chugging along past Peach Park.


We decided to take back roads through Vermont (as if there were many other choices) to immerse ourselves in the culture. We took Route 100 and skirted along the edge of the Green Mountains, which to our dismay were just, well, too green.


I promised a few posts ago that I would tell y’all some of the stories that didn’t get documented during my pregnancy. Other than posting some random photos of my trip in this entry, I never did elaborate further on the beauties and wonders of our Vermont Vacation. So here ya go, the first installment of Things Left Unsaid: Vermont Edition.



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